We know what it takes to run successful public-policy based institutions. Our team has extensive practical experience in applying international best practices to tailor solutions to the unique national and regional circumstances of the client, taking into account the position of all stakeholders operating in the market.

We have deep expertise in providing advisory support for international development finance, from diagnostic analysis through to development impact tracking and strategic implementation. Over the past 18 years, we have successfully executed more than 200 assignments in over 50 countries. Based on this expertise, we have developed specialised approaches and proprietary tools that help us to uncover the genesis of problems and to recommend solutions that are both visionary and practical.

Our Services

Strategy and business plan development

We are a leading consulting firm in the areas of strategy and business plan development.

Risk and Financial Management

Well-functioning risk and financial management practices are as much a prerequisite for development finance institutions as for the rest of the private financial industry.

Program and Product Design

We advise clients all over the world on the design, development, and enhancement of their financial instruments, from loans and guarantees, to insurance, grants, and equity-based products.


In today’s fast-paced world of global finance, senior executives are routinely called on to make high-stakes decisions on complex issues within compressed time frames.

Impact Assessment / Monitoring and Evaluation

At International Financial Consulting, we understand that simply tracking activities is no longer sufficient for client organizations looking to determine their effectiveness.


Benchmarking is an essential tool for our clients, allowing them to gauge their business processes and performance against leading financial institutions and industry best practices.

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